Clouds parting around mountains in Solace Crafting

Creation without bounds

Forget everything you know about "recipes" and their limitations.
Everything is shaped by the decisions you make.
Your weapons, your armor, your castle, your soul.
How far do you think they will take you.

  • An anvil and forge from Solace Crafting


    Find out how recipes, professions, sets, and enchants work.

  • A shrine found in Solace Crafting


    60km view, distance based difficulty, player crafted teleporters.

  • An Ice Elemental from Solace Crafting


    Learn more about player classes, skills, and the soul system.

Feature Highlights

  • The crafting window of Solace Crafting Dec. 2016

    Custom Recipes

    Define what is best yourself with customizable recipes. Your choosing.

  • 60km visibility in the crafting RPG Solace Crafting

    9,200km2 Visible

    Spot encounters over 48km (30mi) away, and plot your course of action.

  • The Ice Spike skill from Solace Crafting

    Distance = difficulty

    In an increasingly difficult world, how far will your choices take you.

  • A desert pyramid from Solace Crafting

    Open Classes

    Build your own class freely across four branching Archetypes.

What is Solace Crafting

Distance based fantasy survival RPG

Focused on player freedom and personalization

Creative outlet through gaming

48km view, crafting reinvented from scratch, limitless building
open classes, player built portals, creative fantasy freedom!

Now in early access on Windows!

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