Adventuring Features

As the world gets increasingly difficult the further we travel, crafting high quality equipment becomes more and more necessary. Conquering points of interest can lead to a variety of rewards including rare resources, new recipes, and gems for enchanting.

( The features listed below are still under development and subject to change )

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    Extreme Viewing Distance

    What will you find with 9,200 square kilometers laid out before you. Amongst grasslands, forests, mountains, and desert, you are free to carve your own path.

    • 48km visible in all directions including up and down
    • Encounters, biomes, and other points of interest visible long range

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    Distance Based Difficulty

    What is the farthest anyone can go?

    • Difficulty increases the further you travel
    • Level at your own pace simply by choosing when to travel deeper
    • No level caps
    • No boundaries in any direction

  • An adventuring encounter from the game Solace Crafting

    Procedural Encounters

    Grinding should not be the usual means of leveling, nor should repetitive gathering quests be. Encounters of various sizes and difficulties are generated endlessly throughout the world to offer you chances to level up regularly if that's what you're shooting to do.

    • Encounters scale and evolve through levels and biomes
    • Conquer points of interest to gain control of them

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    Teleport Networks

    Never walk the same path twice by crafting a teleport network connecting anywhere you want.

    • Instantly shift between your home base and the front lines
    • Teleport to yet unvisited locations with ley line teleporters