Solace Crafting in an RPG birthed years ago from a desire to improve crafting in video games. Since then it has grown and evolved in many different directions, largely because player crafted items are no fun without lots of ways to use them. Still, a passion to remedy the distaste many gamers have for crafting systems in modern games remains at the heart of development.

  • Different outcomes of the shortsword recipe from Solace Crafting

    Crafting Redesigned

    A recipe in Solace Crafting is but a template, redefining the term altogether. You design each unique item to fit your characters needs, quick and easy.

    • Easy to use, well organized crafting system built for steady expansion
    • No mundane ingredient crafting, only finished products
    • No mini-games, no loading bars, no chance based mechanics
    • Every recipe has five ranks, unlimited tiers, and unlimited levels
    • No "best" recipes. Everything is determined by your own choices
    • Access stored resources without having to stuff them down your pants

  • Set item enchanting of different item types from Solace Crafting

    Set Enchanting

    Set enchants allow us to customize our own sets rather than being forced to use an axe or a mace or something that doesn't fit our character. They carry only minor restrictions, such as foot armor, or a one-handed weapon, letting you choose the type and category you prefer.

    • Discover or unlock class-based, biome specific, and many other types of sets
    • Set enchants are equally customizable by rank, tier, and level

  • A profession skill tree from the Solace Crafting pre-alpha

    Custom Professions

    Evolve your professions, unlocking special abilities and recipes to benefit your play-style. Crafting professions and skills, like adventuring, have no maximum level. Unlike adventuring levels, professions can gather unlimited skill points though upgrades provide diminishing returns.

    • Play any or all professions on one soul, no restrictions
    • Upgrade entire categories like bows or heavy armor
    • Unlock a wide array of recipes or seek hidden recipes throughout the land
    • All recipes carry equal potential, no "best" drops, only player choice
    • Share professions across all your facets (characters)
    • No cross-dependency between professions
    • Experience based on resources used, not items crafted

  • A harvesting skill in action from the crafting RPG Solace Crafting

    Harvesting Classes

    Harvesting should be more than just repetitive clicking and we're working hard to make the experience more involved.

    • Unlock and upgrade harvesting abilities and spells
    • Customize your tools to help produce what you're looking for
    • Store resources on your crystal network instead of in your pockets
    • Connect to network stored resources to start crafting anywhere

  • The responsive UI for player constructed building in Solace Crafting

    Player Buildings

    Some players only build if they have to, while others enjoy creating entire cities. Building a giant base is not a requirement, but having a place to rest and craft is very important. We want to make sure that both options are possible, and that neither of them feel like chores.

    • Use your keyboard or mouse to control building placement from afar
    • The responsive Building UI rotates with player movement
    • Organized system allows new content to be continuously added
    • No waiting, no grinding, no random destruction of your creations
    • Deconstruction refunds most of the materials used in construction
    • Build teleporters to connect your bases across vast distances

  • A shrine from the crafting RPG Solace Crafting

    Future Goals

    This is where crafting and harvesting are today, but much more is planned. Here are a few of the future goals we plan to bring in over time:

    • Infusions: altered resources bringing yet another layer of customization
    • Category based sub-professions for further upgrades (Weaponsmith, etc)
    • Custom coloring of crafted items and buildings
    • Custom signatures to add to your items
    • Farming and cooking
    • Dangerous and rewarding resource specific dimensions(Plane of Metal, etc)
    • Local teleporters for large buildings/areas
    • Player crafted traps, jump pads, obstacle courses, etc.