Though many worlds are planned for future development, currently Khora is the only plane being worked on. The main story, or achievement line, will be added as the worlds pertaining to the story find their way into the game.

  • Elemental Plane: Khora

    The elemental plane Khora was created many eons ago by the four Greater Elemental Houses: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Many Lesser Houses, such as Lightning and Tree, came here to learn and grow with one another across the ages.

    Now corrupted, Khora has been almost completely abandoned by the Elementals. Their spawn, once peaceful caretakers are now sickened and violent.


The following is a collection of short stories from the recent past of the Multiverse of Solace Crafting. Four of the eleven worlds currently on the drawing boards are briefly visited.

  • The Egoic Collapse

    The recent history of our story begins on a planet named Ace. Ace was one of many planets in the Multiverse with humanoids evolving both technologically and spiritually over millions of years.

    During the fifth age of Ace, several of its people developed the ability to shift between dimensions and locations, earning them the title of Astral Prodigies. As their talents evolved they began to teach others and even developed the ability to bring back physical objects from their journeys.

    One Astral Prodigy, a man named Foridal, was fascinated by a strange series of planes that he stumbled across. With every visit he strengthened the connection between Ace and these new lands, which many years later came to be known as the Demonic Planes. Eventually the Blood Cult was formed as his following and not long after they brought an end to the fifth age of Ace.

    Consecrating a direct connection between Ace and the Demonic Planes, hatred spread through the Multiverse as if a back door had been opened into the minds of everyone and everything. This event came to be known as The Egoic Collapse.

    Thus began the sixth age of Ace, a dark time for the planet, though its influence spread farther than anyone could have imagined.

  • Journal entry of Foridal

    Day thirteen, Moon four, Year 552 of the fifth age of Ace

    I found the most interesting of places in all my wanderings today. It was like being handed a present for all my hard efforts. The denizens, although clearly dark, seemed to give little concern to my presence. No doubt "demon" would be a fitting description for their bodies and faces, but hostility I did not witness today. The sky was full of a warm red tint like dried tomatoes. The air smelled of ozone and charcoal and sure enough lightning seemed commonplace. Perhaps the atmosphere was thick with some sort of conductive material. It was hot on the plateaus and chill in the valleys. Solid red dirt in all directions. The dirt formed shelves that went on for as far I could see in some places and were not easily scaled. Most interesting were the spires that shot out from the dirt at varied locations. Smooth and curved like the teeth of giant dragons from an age long forgotten.

    What history such an ancient land must harbor. What secrets will I find beneath the black tar pits. What are the spheres on high, ever burning with crackling energy.

    A great tower ruled the horizon, black though too distant to make out details. I spent time attuning myself to the area that I may return with ease.

  • Journal entry of Soth, son of Nor

    Day twenty-two, Moon nine, Year 554 of the fifth age of Ace

    I visited the Serinic Mines today for the first time in many moons. I was never one to bother much with proper attuning, enjoying the variances of each journey, though this journey the variations were quite absurd. I had been asked by a young researcher to bring back a larger sample of ore and expected a leisurely venture to one of my favorite dimensions. From the moment I arrived though I could smell the changes, thick and putrid. Evil has entered into the mines and prevented me from traveling to the deeper levels.

    Many of the rats have been infected with a form of undead, their blood stopped and cold but bodies still in motion. An evil totem lay in plain sight spreading darkness and hatred throughout the caves. I kept to myself, having come not geared for combat. I found a solid deposit of ore and brought my pick down on it hard. The stone and ore rang with a different tune than my muscles knew and expected. I could feel the stones pain, its weariness, but from what.

    Perhaps the researchers will find some answers on the morrow.

  • Journal entry of Feanus the fleet

    Day eleven, Moon four, year 549 of the fifth age of Ace

    My love and I traveled to the Wall of Torran again today. I'm always amazed at how fast she connects to such distant and strange lands. We climbed through the flora, evaded the hostile fauna, and went deeper than ever I had before. Climbing one side of the wall as the second sun set, I searched the horizon for evidence of an end but the wall stretched on as far as I could see.

    We made it back to our usual camp after nightfall and continued our efforts to release the trapped souls of the ancient warriors who once fought there. Their numbers seem endless though I do feel that we have made an impact. Sadly many of them remain trapped in the acid waters and offer almost no response to any form of communication. Every once in a while we find one still aware of their situation. They thank us as they slip through the ethers and into the light. Sometimes the light slips back through the portals that open for them and remains after they have passed. I have made a habit of collecting this light essence and find that anything of a dark nature dissolves on contact with it. If I were fond of the cities they would pay fine coin for such a thing.

  • Journal entry of Darerha

    Day six, Moon six, year 566 of the fifth age of Ace

    Wandering without distance or direction I came to a land of ice. With a low gravity it was easy to maintain balance on the surface. Multi-colored crystals shot up abruptly at almost regular intervals amidst the white. I sensed that the land was floating, held above another land by forces unknown to me. The me not long ago would have asked many questions, but the me now accepted all possibilities. Shrouded from their glares I walked amongst hundreds of demonic elementals, born of cold and subdued pain. This was a land of silent anger. I knew I would be found if I stayed for long.

    Guided by Source I came to an opening in the ground the likes of a frozen whirlpool perhaps a kilometer across. Long stretched shards of frozen air and moisture arced around one another to form a deadly entrance to something beneath. Softly I glided down the spiraling steps. The air smelled of a strange wet rust that seemed out of place. As I descended deeper the surrounding energies grew darker and colder, pressing against my shroud, threatening to reveal my presence.

    As I neared what was clearly an opening towards the bottom, a great eye embedded above the portal folded its icy eyelid back to look in my direction. I ceased all movement, controlled my breathing, stifled my light; still the eye stared. It felt like an hour passed locked in a stare with such a strange guardian. The sheer size of the globe made it difficult to tell if it had actually spotted me or simply sensed something nearby. What ever lay beyond must be forbidden in these lands. I dared a step backwards and the guardian closed its heavy lid. The temptation to step forward once more was enormous, but I retreated to a concealed corner and slipped back safely to my own world. My cloak held well on the upper levels, though mounting an assault on the lower levels might prove too dangerous for too many unknowns.

  • Journal entry of Foridal

    Day thirteen, Moon four, Year 553 of the fifth age of Ace

    My studies of the Red Planes progress without plan or measure. I seem to gain insight from nowhere the longer I spend amidst the red dirt. Some of the smaller creatures approach me and look. They look at my stomach and my chest with great inquisition. I made brief eye contact with one and I swear it smiled before fading away.

    Reaching the black tower has proved an incredibly difficult task. Today marks one year since I first visited those lands yet my questions only grow in numbers with so few answers to offer.

    I have gained a small following, two young travelers that often journey with me, sometimes on their own. Together we have witnessed the demons fighting, but they are never hostile to us. I was not present for the mishap though the younger of the two boys apparently successfully led a friend of his to the Red Planes only to have her attacked on sight, suffering several cuts before slipping back into the ethers. If the story is true, she was the first female to travel there, yet I do not think female alone was the cause of the attack. In what way does she differ from us. What can the dark creatures see that I cannot.

    I have grown better at storing raw materials in the void and hope to craft several ladders to help us scale the red dirt shelves during the next few days. My connection to the land grows stronger and soon enough the black tower will reveal its secrets.

  • Your eyes open for the first time

    This is not your beginning.
    You enter a new form.
    As you have many times before.
    You have been placed here not by chance.
    For you are a master of creation.
    And your skills are much needed.
    Your brain is slow, your muscles weak.
    But they will remember in time.
    The elements are falling, their children diseased.
    Without them the strings of this multiverse unfurl.
    Our galaxy has come too far to abandon
    The spectrum has spread so wide.
    You must evolve.