Player Characters

In order to face evil head on, leveling up your character is a must. How you level up is up to you.

( The features listed below are still under development and subject to change )

  • Adventuring skill trees evolve and branch as players level

    Player Classes

    Player Classes are flexible and branch out starting with four Archetype Skill Trees. Which tree you put the most points into determines your main class. Putting enough points into any tree will unlock passive bonuses, such as a permanent stamina boost or the ability to wear heavy armor. Job Trees unlock at level 10 and Class Trees unlock at level 30, though are not yet fully implemented.

    • Squires use melee attacks and heavy armor
    • Scouts use long range and sneak attacks
    • Apprentices use powerful magic attacks
    • Disciples specialize in heals and buffs

  • Infinite skill levels make each character different than the next

    Player Skills

    Upgrade your skills and attributes to fit your own play style.

    • Upgrade any skill up to twice per level with no maximum level
    • Spend your skill points on any adventure skill tree
    • Cast magic as a warrior if you want, no restrictions