Player Characters

For players ready to dive into the wilderness, seek out riches from ages past, and in general be awesome and heroic, leveling up your character is a must. How you level up is up to you.

  • Adventuring skill trees evolve and branch as players level

    Player Classes

    Player Classes are flexible and branch out starting with four Archetype Skill Trees. Which tree you put the most points into determines your main class. Putting enough points into any tree will unlock passive bonuses, such as a permanent stamina boost or the ability to wear heavy armor. Job Trees unlock at level 10 and Class Trees unlock at level 30, though are not yet fully implemented.
    Classes with a * are hybrid classes and have special requirements

    • Squire

      Melee +Heavy Armor +Shields +Two-Handed Weapons

      Guardian | Knight / Paladin*
      Fighter | Warrior / Duelist*

    • Scout

      Melee / Ranged +Medium Armor +Bows +Dual Wield

      Adventurer | Bard* / Rogue
      Archer | Marksman / Ranger*

    • Apprentice

      Magic +Wands +Staves

      Magician | Summoner / Enchanter*
      Scholar | Wizard / Spellsword*

    • Disciple

      Healing / Magic +Medium Armor

      Spiritualist | Shaman / Druid*
      Priest | Cleric / Monk*

  • Infinite skill levels make each character different than the next

    Player Skills

    Just as player levels are unlimited, skills are upgraded in small increments with no maximum level.

    • Upgrade any skill up to twice per level with no maximum level
    • Spend your skill points on any adventure skill tree
    • Unlock tiered rewards by accruing multiple points on one or more trees
    • Build to unlock Job trees at level 10, Class trees at level 30
    • Unlock multiple Jobs or Classes, no restrictions
    • Hybrid Classes, require points spent in multiple trees to unlock
    • Skills are targetless in a physics based open world

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    The Soul System

    One soul can contain unlimited facets, letting you try new builds in the same world without starting everything from scratch. Multiple facets can level up the soul in different ways, unlocking special talents, passives, and opportunities.

    • Facets can have different appearances and sexes
    • Each facet has its own adventuring levels and skills
    • Facets can be copied with special items rather than starting from level 0
    • Crafting and harvesting skills and levels are shared across all facets
    • Unlocks on the Soul skill tree are shared by all facets (some restrictions)
    • Soul levels are gained by spending skill points in new ways

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    Future Goals

    There's still a lot to do! Here are a few of the features we hope to add in the near future:

    • Job and Class trees are not yet implemented
    • Armor stands for quickly switching sets of gear after swapping facets
    • The Achievement system is not yet fully implemented
    • Many skills have yet to be implemented
    • Flexible avatar customization, fat, skinny, short, tall, etc.
    • Fantasy races like Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, etc.