This presskit was created for the Kickstarter campaign I ran in late 2017. The images and information below have changed tremendously. For updated media please contact me via any source and I will be happy to provide updated material.

Game Info

Game Description

Solace Crafting is aiming to become a leader in both crafting and building games. I believe that both crafting and building are only fun with reasons to engage in and improve them. They need purpose and sustainability.
That's exactly where the term "Solace Crafting" comes from. Solaces are a player crafted facility that act as a beacon for instant travel in a boundless multiverse. When a Solace is placed or upgraded, it must be defended for several minutes as evil spawns to try and stop it. As difficulty is based on our distance from the start, placing Solaces deeper into the wild becomes increasingly challenging, asking players to unlock and upgrade new traps, gather stronger resources, craft better equipment, befriend stronger allies, and increase their combat abilities.

I love building and crafting games like Minecraft, Terraria, and 7 Days to Die. Another part of me loves fantasy role-playing games like Everquest and Dungeon & Dragons Online. In 30 years of gaming I never found a game that bridged those two genres together in the way I always imagined. Building and crafting were always just tossed in like a mini-game, letting players dabble in it if they wanted to. I was done waiting for someone to design something better.

This is me, following my dream, taking development into my own hands. I spent five years making sure I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it. Now that my goal is in sight, my Kickstarter campaign will allow me to focus full-time long enough to finish the final stages of early access.

Key Features

  • 48km (~30mi) extreme viewing distance of biomes, encounters, and more
  • Distance based difficulty: 3km = 1 level
  • Craft, place, and defend Solaces to travel instantly across vast distances
  • Highly customizable "recipeless" crafting and enchanting systems
  • Adaptive building interface makes large scale projects a breeze
  • No class-based equipment limitations
  • "No rules" player generation allowing any color, shape, size or "race"
  • Completely open classes with branching and evolving skilltrees
  • Non-physics based buildings will never break or decay
  • No mini-games, no loading bars, no timers, no chance based mechanics
  • No pay-to-play, no pay-to-win, updates/expansions free of charge

Kickstarter campaign:

Expected Early Release Date:

December, 2017

Expected Release Price:

15.00 USD


Windows, Unix, Mac (console possibility in 2018)

Contact Info:

Online Form, Twitter, Facebook


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Solace Crafting cover

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48km of game world visible from wherever you may be  Build massive structure with no worry of fussy physics toppling your work  Find and clear small, medium, and large encounters for recipes and rewards
Advanced weather and lightning techniques under constant improvement  Each equipment recipe can be crafted and enchanted in millions of different ways  Players can color and shape themselves freely, and change everything whenever they like
Mountains can rise up to 3,200 meters (10,500ft)  You never know what's over the horizon until you go and see for yourself!  Each day brings a new sun and new challenges
Set enchants allow players to create equipment sets with the weapons and armor they prefer  Support skills add to skills making for thousands of possible combinations  Harvesting abilities help players gather resources with speed or precision
You'll have to fight off the corrupted elementals until you can find what's happened to them  The Avatar Creation Studio let's players get silly or serious with the way they look  Constantly improving lighting and rendering techniques make for wonderful scenery

(animated gif zip download)


Kickstarter video in HD (September 2017)

Update on player building (June 2017)

Update on the game world (April 2017)


Enthusiacs Interview – Kyle Postlewait, Big Kitty Games (May 2017)

Company Info

Big Kitty Games

was founded atop five major guidelines:
  • To be honest: No pay-to-win. No dumping crowdfunded projects. No paid DLC. No racism. No sexism. No bigotry.
  • To promote good sportsmanship
  • To seek the middle ground of rated content. No excessive gore, excessive violence, or unnecessary sexual content.
  • To prioritize problematic content. Bug fixes and anti-cheat countermeasures should always take priority.
  • To be community driven. Seeking to include our community in design decisions and content creation wherever possible.